The Journey

August, 2016 Update:  We are traveling through Fiji currently and will be for the next two months.  Then we plan to sail to New Zealand in late October.  All of us are excited to tour around New Zealand.  We have a pet sit already arranged in Winton, on the South Island for Christmas and New Year’s for a lovely couple (Liz and Jonny) who are meeting their three grown children on Stewart Island for the holidays.  I can’t wait to meet them and take care of their two Labs and their cat!  In mid-January, we have a pet sit for one dog and two cats near Taupo on the north island.  It will be wonderful to be around pets again!

We may put Do Over on the market for sale in New Zealand.  If we sell her, we will likely travel through SE Asia for a short time via land and then head back to the States in mid-2017.  If we don’t sell her, we may move on to Australia, or possibly have someone sail Do Over back to the States.  It really is up in the air and that is great!

UPDATE:  WE ARE LEAVING THE ARC AS OF TAHITI SO WE MAY NOT BE INCLUDED ON THEIR SITE ANY LONGER.  We are still cruising along and have enjoyed the ARC (especially the people), but we just want to go a little slower pace through the islands.  They are too beautiful to buzz through!  We will continue to have our Yellow Brick tracking device to show where we are currently:

Here is our Yellow Brick tracking map to see where we are.  (Don’t forget to zoom out!):

Once we get to St. Lucia, you can also look for our satellite position via the World ARC 2016 on this link:

From here, you can click on “Where are the boats?” for the 2016 rally.

We plan to go to Tortola, BVI, continue through the BVIs, head to Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique and then on to St. Lucia.  From there, we plan to travel with the World ARC until we reach Fiji–at least that is the plan right now!