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We are a family of four, putting our careers aside for a few years to see the world!  We have been planning this adventure for approximately seven years–despite the fact I still have bouts of seasickness regularly.  My husband, Dan, retired from the Navy in 2015 after spending nearly all of his adult life first in aviation (E2C Hawkeye navigator) and then in medicine (as a radiologist). After obtaining my Ph.D. in Social Psychology, I (Paula) began working in the field of jury consulting.  After a decade of working for a company, I founded my own litigation consulting firm (Gabier Consulting) in 2010.  Now, I am on “sabbatical” for a few years.

Our crew members are our two kids, Ariana and Ryan.  Ari is 13 and enjoys sailing (Optimists and Topazes, especially), acting, snow skiing, and soccer, and Ryan (10) enjoys football, money, snow skiing, baseball, (sailing, but only if he is with his sister and they win), gemstones, and Minecraft.

This is us on spring break, 2015, in Cabo.


Here are a few more from our travels (via airplane).

Ziplining in Nicaragua, April, 2014…


Venice, Italy in late May, 2014…




We have been living on a 2010 Lagoon Catamaran 400 named Do Over since June, 2013.  Do Over is an owner’s version, 3 stateroom, 3 head configuration, with a beam of 23’9″.  We bought her in Fajardo, Puerto Rico in September, 2011 and sailed her around the Spanish Virgin Islands and St. John with friends and family on vacations before sailing her back to North Carolina.  Since then, we have made many changes, and we will be adding the “before and after” photos soon (under “The Boat”).  We now have a new galley, additional refrigeration, a vented washer/dryer combo, a Parasailor (in photo), new batteries, 3 Kyocera 250 watt solar panels, beautiful folding props that we sadly had to paint to deter pesky barnacles, a comfortable new helm seat (what in the world was Lagoon thinking putting that uncomfortable brick-like seat and rock-hard roll bar back?), new outdoor upholstery, a new trampoline, and a new canvas surround that served as our mud room through the winter seasons.  I am sure there is more we changed and I will add that later too.

We hauled Do Over out in Beaufort, NC in September, 2015, to scrape, sand, and paint her bottom, and so Dan could finish installation of a water maker, etc. and as of October 19th, she was back in the water.  Now, we are doing our final preparations.


Tentatively, we plan to leave on November 2, but of course, that is weather-dependent.  Our first stop will be Tortola, BVI.  We plan to join the World ARC rally in St. Lucia, departing in January, 2016.


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  1. Paula Post author

    Hello Jen!
    Thanks so much for the Vietnam pointers. I haven’t had any real time to look at where we should go (beyond Malaysia) at this point, so that info is helpful. NZ is beautiful, but it is colder than I thought it would be (since it is summer here), and to me, it doesn’t feel all that different from the States when it comes to the people, some of the touristy things, the availability of anything you could need, the cost of stuff, etc. I guess it is just because we were in so many places that felt so different culturally, spoke different languages, etc., and we have been hanging out with so many people from Great Britain, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand along the way. So, NZ has been great in a lot of ways for us, but I am actually looking forward to going off the beaten path again in SE Asia as well. So far, here, we have been to several places, but we have many more to visit. We tried going to the glacier area on the south island, but the weather was rubbish with cold rain. I think we are going to try again because I have my heart set on taking a helicopter ride over the glaciers and landing on one. I really want to do that. If you’re adventurous, Ariana loved bungy jumping in Queenstown; no way I was going to do that! Wanaka/Queenstown was beautiful, but again, the weather wasn’t great most of the time. We liked Christchurch, and we stayed in a beautiful rental in the Marlborough Sound which is where the Queen Charlotte Track starts. We plan to do the Tongariro Alpine Crossing Tramp (north island) which is just a day, but that hike is apparently one of the top 10 day hikes in the world. Also, we are going to do an overnight hike to Mueller’s Hut (on the South Island). The scenery here is gorgeous, both on the south and north islands (but different on each). You can’t drive a few miles outside of Auckland without seeing sheep and cows. They have so much livestock here! If you have time to do a tramp, I would recommend it. I think you’d see more of the amazing scenery here going on a 3-4 day hike. How is everything in the land of consulting? Surprisingly, I actually miss it, but I also don’t want to rush our time out here exploring. Let me know if you guys do plan to come here and I will be able to give a lot more feedback by the time you go!
    Talk to you soon!

  2. Paula Post author

    Hi Wendi,
    It’s good to hear from you! We are enjoying NZ so far, and also looking forward to heading to SE Asia. Currently, we are pet sitting for a dog and two cats in a great area called Lake Taupo. I plan to update the blog soon!
    Tell everyone in the family that Dan and I send our regards and thanks for reading!

  3. Jennifer Keeney

    Hi Paula! I’ve been following your blog and so enjoy your posts and photos. What an amazing adventure. I’m really loving the posts about New Zealand – Tony and I are thinking about taking a trip there sometime later this year so would love to get your thoughts on “must sees.”

    Vietnam is beautiful! I particularly liked Hoi An, Ha Long Bay cruise, and the Mekong Delta.

    Take care and I’m looking forward to hearing about NZ and Asia!

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Paula, Dan and kids!
    I have been following your wonderful adventure. When you have a new post, I’m quick to share it with Eric and the kids. Love seeing all the beautiful places you have been. Enjoy NZ and the rest of your travel.

    Wendi and Eric Sturgill

  5. Craig

    Hey, well congratulations on your 19th then. Massage and a date night! Now your getting treated. Hope you have a lovely time.
    Understand the incredible slow speeds you have out there and that you cant upload that much. Remember if you want my higher resolution pictures then sing out when/if you want them.
    I wish I was now in the pacific as since Friday we have had some cold weather with about a 10C drop from this time last week! Brrrrrrrr. There’s snow not far from here (not very usual) and we even had 2 major power outages on Saturday due to snow downed lines.
    Have a great time at Hunga – I hear that the local charter yacht companies have an excellent cruising guide with a lot of good info on best places to go, mooring sites, accessible channels etc etc.

  6. Paula Post author

    Craig, I haven’t forgotten about your photos! I intend to add them when I get better Internet. We are sitting at the Tongan Beach Resort and it takes about 4-5 minutes to load one page of Internet. Crazy! We plan on going over to Hunga tomorrow, actually. Right now we have a mooring outside of this resort because we are celebrating our 19th anniversary today. I have a massage appointment followed by dinner with Dan! And, we even got to see whales on our motor over here, and a whale yesterday morning that came into our anchorage…

  7. Craig

    Hi Paula,
    Good to see you have managed to update your travels and time on Palmerston. Hope all is OK your way and you are enjoying the Vava’u islands. I have a good friend that sails there frequently and he says that Hunga island (just to your west) is worth a visit. The lagoon is accessible by the West channel but is narrow and you will have to time it for the high the tide. From the channel head SE to the sandy beach area.
    Good travels and over and out !!

  8. Paula Post author

    Well, Tim, we are getting some more crappy weather and anchorage action here in American Samoa! Two days ago, we went hiking in what turned out to be a deluge of rain. We did 5.2 miles through National Park land, and it was on the ridge of a mountain and required vertical ups and downs with ropes, etc. We looked like drowned rats when we finally arrived in the village. A power worker was a bit shocked to see us come out from nowhere and when we asked if there were any more buses to that area (it was 4:30) he said no. But then, his buddy happened to be going by in a pick up truck (the only car visible on the road) so he got him to let us ride in the back of his pickup. Anyway, I’ll write about it when I update AmSa, but the people here are just about the most friendly we’ve encountered on this whole trip! Everywhere we go, people are just great and helpful.

    Yesterday, we left in the pouring rain for an appointment to get our new retiree military IDs and when we returned in the afternoon, our boat was in a completely different location. Long story short, someone dragged, tripped our anchor, and we started drifting back. Three guys from three different boats dinghied over, started our engine and got us on a huge ship mooring (rafted next to a nice man from Bulgaria on a monohull). How nice was that? We had to unwrap our anchor from another boat when we came back (they’re the ones who tripped our anchor), but we were happy we weren’t aground!

    Ryan doesn’t like masks and snorkels, but we got him to use goggles to see all the fish so we have made some progress! He is more of a land boy, but at least he is very adventurous on land…

    The weather has mostly been beautiful throughout the South Pacific because it is their winter. I had to wear a sweatshirt in Niue one day, and most nights, it is very pleasant for sleeping. I remember having to run the AC all summer on the boat in New Bern!

  9. Tim Thompson

    Ah, you finally had to pay up with crappy weather and crappy anchorage in Taha’a. That’s cruising… What’s the issue with Ryan using a mask and snorkel? Been very hot and steamy in NB with lots of rain, but no palm trees or crystal clear water to report of :). Looking forward to a report on American Samoa.

  10. Paula Post author

    It was a very respectable grilled wahoo sandwich with mashed potatoes and water. That’s right–not even a glass of wine. I tried to order ginger ale (I had an upset stomach), but they were out. We have had McDonald’s breakfast and “Tropical Pizza” that used to be Pizza Hut (and essentially still is without the Franchise name).

    Sorry to hear the travel home was so terrible and chaotic. It’s like Planes, Trains and Automobiles but add “boat!”

    I will send you my email…

  11. CraigM

    Hi Paula,
    Yes finally got home after a ~ 1hour delay at Niue, then on arriving in Auckland I found out all the flights that day apart from/to the 4 main cities had been cancelled. It was chaos at the Airport. So I had to overnight in town and then get a re-scheduled flight at 6:30pm the next day.
    Its cold here! brrrrrrrrrr.
    If you can see my Hotmail address, can you please send an email contact so I can send the pictures there.
    What was your first meal/food you had onshore at Pago Pago?

  12. Paula Post author

    Sure Craig! It takes a while to upload but I just managed to upload 32 photos (in about three hours). I am glad you made it home safely!

  13. CraigM

    Hi Paula,
    Did you want any pictures from Palmerston? I may have something a bit different for you.
    Good to see your leg from Niue to American Samoa went well.

  14. Paula Post author

    Thanks Tim! We are leaving the Society’s next week and are heading to Nuie. It will be about a seven night sail. I think we’re ready to leave French Polynesia–and it’s a good thing, because they’re kicking us out! Americans have only 90 days so our time is up…
    How is everything back in New Bern? How are you doing?

  15. Tim Thompson

    Great pics and stories. Keep them coming. Sounds like you guys are having way too much fun.

  16. Paula Post author

    I know! He does shave sometimes though…we leave for Moorea tomorrow. We can get back to snorkeling and possibly diving. Happy weekend, Tim!

  17. Tim Thompson

    Great stories and pics Paula!! Keep them coming. By the way, who is the scruffy looking guy with the beard who is in so many of your pictures 🙂 ?

  18. Paula Post author

    Good morning, Tim! (For us anyway–I guess it is late afternoon for you!) I updated with the Marquesas. The Tuamotus shouldn’t be too far behind! A week at sea is still a long time for me…

  19. Tim Thompson

    Keep posting Paula. I check every morning to see where you guys are. Post some pics with your next updates. After a three week grind across the Pacific, I hope that just a week at sea is getting to be pretty routine :).

  20. Paula Post author

    Klaus and Janice,
    I am so sorry to hear of such tragedy. That is absolutely horrible. I know that hike and it is arduous, to say the least. Dan and I did it about six or seven years ago and it was tough. I’m assuming your brother-in-law did not have a preexisting heart condition? Oh, that is so terrible. I can’t imagine the pain your family has endured, especially his wife. Please send our heartfelt condolences on to Janice and her sister.
    I am glad to hear, however, that you are not giving up sailing, especially when it is such a passion for you both. There is certainly nothing wrong with sticking to Canada. It is beautiful up there and right now, it might be a very nice reprieve from all the heat in the Caribbean!
    We are in Tahiti right now and heading to Moorea in about a week. From there, we will cruise at our own pace to Fiji and then on to New Zealand. The ARC has been great (especially the folks we have met), but it is fast-paced, so we have opted to slow down and continue on our own. No plans past New Zealand yet, but we are considering doing the Indonesian Rally after a season down in New Zealand. It really is pretty fun not having a plan for a change. Please keep in touch and keep following us! I really appreciate everyone who is taking the time to read what I write. Also, I am updating entries over the next day or so and we have a great Drone video of Fakarava that my daughter has edited from our GoPro. It is cool!
    Best of wishes to you and Janice and stay healthy and happy…Paula, Dan, Ariana and Ryan

  21. Paula Post author

    Well, you boys need to stay out of trouble! Give my ‘ole father-in-law a big hug and kiss for me, Bob! Good for Marthanne; that should be fun! We are heading to many islands prior to making our way to New Zealand. We can’t leave for NZ until we have the traditional weather window (late Oct–early Nov). In the meantime, we will suffer through the rest of the Society Islands, the Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji, etc. We plan to leave from Fiji. Why don’t you talk Gabe into coming with you guys to visit us in Fiji in October? THAT would be great, and airfares are fairly reasonable into Fiji. And please tell your niece congratulations! That is a wonderful accomplishment. Once you have that education, no one can take it away from you…

  22. Paula Post author

    Hi Eric,
    I read your message to Dan. I can assure you his level of jealousy is somewhat limited! 😉 We are enjoying MOST of it, but as anyone with kids knows, it is not all peachey all the time. We live in a small space and by far meet more reluctance with homeschooling than with a brick and mortar school! We are still in Tahiti, having some work done on our engine and sails, and then heading off to Moorea. Please keep reading and thank you for letting me know you found us! Sometimes it is difficult to find the time to write (and good Internet); knowing that people are reading our blog encourages me to keep it up. Tell everyone in your family hello and give your kids hugs from us! Paula, Dan, Ariana and Ryan

  23. Bob Foster

    Hi Guys, I see that you’re on the way to Tahiti! I’ll be seeing Gabe around June 18th for a few days while MA’s flying to NYC with a friend for 5 days of fun. When you get to Tahiti update us on your next destination – which I presume is New Zealand via ?? My niece has been accepted to Vet. school in Scotland (9th rated in the world!).

  24. Klaus and Janice / Times Two Dock F13 RBM

    Hey Guys,

    Congrats from janice and I. Following your adventure with fingers crossed. Get that main fixed. LOL. Great that the kids are taking it all in like regular tars and helping when they can.

    The Caribbean has been great since you left, sometimes a few swells up to 12 feet between islands, but generally very comfortable sailing.

    We are listing our boat this year, and if it sells, we will confine our sailing to Canada’s west coast. We had sorrow last month. Our only guests of the year were Janice’s sister and her husband. On the second last day of a wonderful two week holiday we decided to climb the Gros Piton, and near the top he had a heart attack and passed. Not a good ending to a cruise.

    All the best to you, we are jealous, we will keep you in our prayers. As they say, gentle breezes.

  25. Eric Sturgill

    Gabier Family,

    Greetings from Virginia! I just stumbled across your blog last night while on call at the hospital. Simply amazing!! I am so glad your family has taken this trip – certainly a life defining opportunity. I know that you guys didn’t just stumble into it by chance, but instead worked towards a goal and made it happen. You have made the saying “Living the dream” a reality – an example for us all. Dan is probably jealous thinking of me sitting alone in a dark office reading chest x-rays and foot radiographs, but I think he’ll get over it.

    It’s great to follow along with your adventures and get a glimpse into life on the open oceans and various ports. It’s especially neat to see your kids enjoying all of it, learning and growing at every turn. We look forward to seeing what adventure is next for the Gabier family. Who knows, maybe it will spark our family to our next adventure – kids, get in the car, we’re heading to Suffolk!!

  26. Paula Post author

    Hi Linda!
    Thanks for your message! It is good to hear from you. Is everyone well in your family? We are enjoying the Tuamotus. We rented bikes and rode around the island today. Ari, Dan, and I are going to dive within the next few days; lots of sharks here! Please keep in touch and love to all of you!
    Paula, Dan, Ari and Ryan

  27. Linda Wells

    Paula, Dan, and kiddos:
    I’m sooooo impressed (and also jealous) by your fabulous adventure. What an education for your kids.
    I follow your blog…Paula, you’re a gifted writer.
    Stay safe😎❤️
    Aunt Linda

  28. Paula Post author

    Hello Bob and Marthanne!
    We just arrived into Fakarava yesterday and got to land this morning after a 4 night sail. It is beautiful here, and we plan to rent bikes to see more of the island tomorrow and do some diving here too. Lots of sharks, we hear. I finally get to dive with Ariana! I hope you guys are doing well and please keep following us, I love to know that people are reading what I am writing!

  29. Bob Foster

    Hi Gabiers! I’ve been following your Odyssey ever since you left home. I see that Rusty was able to get in touch with you also. Hope you are enjoying French Polynesia as much as Marthanne & I did a few years ago. I’ll be seeing your dad (Gabe) in June when we go back to FL for a short time. I do talk with him fairly often on a phone (yes we still have talking phones!). Paula, keeping us updated is really great. Keep up the good work.

  30. Tim Thompson

    Great posts and pics! Keep them coming. Loved King Neptune. Please post a quick rundown of the three-week crossing — thoughts on being out there for so long, the routine and watches, what it was like to finally see land, etc. We did it for 8 days from PR, but that doesn’t compare with 3 weeks. (I found the night watches very tough.) We couldn’t help but hit the US coast. You had to find a little island in the middle of the ocean.

  31. Paula Post author

    Hi Tim! I am getting ready to finally update this blog. I hope the photos will upload quickly! We are well in the Marquesas and getting ready to head for the Tuamotus in a few days. I still get seasick sometimes (as does Ariana) but Ryan has tended to take after Dan in that regard. Lucky guys! The canal was very cool, the Galapagos were wonderful yet bureaucratic, and our weather across the Pacific was actually pretty fantastic. We ended up on a latitude that was consistent and had very few squalls–which was good because we were down to only our Parasailor and a double-reefed main (no jib and no genniker and a tear below our double-reef line). I hope to update blogs on the canal, Las Perlas and the Galapagos today. I am glad you’re still following my blog despite my recent inactivity. I also hope all is well in New Bern and keep in touch!

  32. Paula Post author

    Thanks Rusty! Glad to hear you’re following; I see your dad occasionally and it was great to have him and Marthann at my retirement party. We are currently enjoying the Marquesas and getting ready to head west into the “dangerous archipelago” of the Tuamotus! Keep in touch and wishing you and your family all the best…

  33. Tim Thompson

    I see you are almost to the south pacific islands after grinding it out for 3 weeks across the pacific! Your online fans and followers are waiting in great expectation for a full update w/ pics from the Panama Canal to the south pacific. How was the canal? How was the weather and seas across the pacific? What have you learned and experienced? Is everyone (except iron-stomach Dan) getting their sea legs?

  34. Rusty Foster

    Hey Paula,

    This is Rusty Foster. Dan and I were neighbors and friends when we were kids. You might know my dad Bob Foster.
    He gave me the info to follow you guys. Sounds like an amazing trip! Please tell Dan hello. I look forward to reading more about your adventure!

  35. Paula Post author

    Hey Rob!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! That is so sweet. We are in Contadora, Las Perlas Islands, Panama getting ready to head to Mogo Mogo, Las Perlas which is only about 7 miles away. There, we will snorkel with some of our new friends on K1W1 Beans and hopefully enjoy a relaxing evening. My kids stayed up late last night after the Superbowl to make me cards and got up early this morning to make me an egg and cheese breakfast sandwich with hot tea–all on their own! It was really nice of them. I will try to keep up with the blog as we continue our travels. We head to the Galapagos after Las Perlas, and from there, we have our longest leg to the Marquesas. I have to say, I am not looking forward to three weeks straight out to sea, but I guess that’s what we have to do to actually get there. Internet may be sporadic and low bandwidth when we do have it, but I will try to keep up the writing. I love to hear that people are actually reading what I write. Thanks again, Rob, and enjoy every day!

  36. Rob H

    Happy Birthday, Paula! So, how many people can say they got the Pacific Ocean for their birthday? Thank you for sharing your adventures with the world. I think I speak for cowardly landlubbers everywhere when I say how enjoyable it is to sit in a comfortable, stable room while vicariously living the seafaring life we all wish we had the guts to actually live. Please keep the stories, photos, and beautiful descriptions coming.

  37. Paula Post author

    It was great meeting you and Henry too! We really appreciate all of your help. I need to get on your website and check out your book. I plan to download it to my Kindle! I hope our paths will cross again in the near future, Pamela. Stay safe and fair winds!

  38. Pamela Bendall

    Ahoy my friends. It was terrific meeting you, albeit short and sweet. Your website and stories are terrific…and many more ahead. It’s such a treat to witness families living their dreams and making the most of every region.
    You can check out my website: http://www.pamelabendall.com Most of my (volunteer) work in the past few years relates to ocean conservation and my next book is underway…stay tuned!
    Fair winds, and keep the wet side down!

  39. Paula Post author

    Ha, ha, we made it through the canal. It was unique. I will update as time permits. Panama City is also on steroids, like the canal! It is actually quite beautiful–both the old town and the new (in different ways). Thanks for the messages here on the blog. It really is nice to know that people are reading what I am writing. Interestingly, we saw the boat “Vicarious” from New Bern, NC in the Shelter Bay Marina before transiting the canal. We unfortunately didn’t even get over to talk to them; I wish we had had more time. I feel like the time at the ports is quite rushed and I know we are going to want that break from the fast-paced ARC when we hit Fiji. We already leave for Las Perlas on Saturday morning, we will be there less than a week, and then we head to the Galapagos. I may be very tired after all of this! Please keep in touch, Tim!

  40. Tim Thompson

    Hey guys. Looking forward to reading about and seeing pics from transiting the big “ditch” — the ICW on steroids :). Then you will be in a whole new ocean — amazing. It appears that you are getting used to the bumps in the ocean and seasickness is less of an issue. Told you you would gradually get used to it! Ryan and Ariana are getting an education that they could never get in a classroom. Keep up the great postings and have a blast…

  41. Paula Post author

    Thank you, Klaus and Janice! It was a pleasure meeting you both. I hope we see you again in some far away port! We will be updating the blog, but the passage from St. Lucia to Colombia wasn’t that bad (except for the last few hours). The next passage from Colombia to San Blas was marked by 35-40 foot winds, and about 10 foot swells on our beam. Plus, we blew out our gennaker near the end, but we are all doing fine. We are heading through the canal on February 2nd and will update this blog with our travels soon! Smooth sailing to you both and keep in touch! Paula and Dan

  42. Paula Post author

    Hi Mike!

    Good to hear from you! We are finally back in the land of Internet here in Panama. You should be able to track where we are on the ARC site and on the link on this blog under “The Journey” and quite frankly, you will know where we are probably better than I know! We had a rough passage to the San Blas Islands and spent some time there after Colombia, and now we are getting ready to go through the Panama Canal (on February 2nd/3rd). I will be updating our blog before we leave here but first, I need to do major loads of laundry and grocery shopping. Basically, we have to try to reprovision everything we can here until we reach Tahiti for more good shopping. I am glad you guys are following the blog. I have no idea how many people are reading it but I love to hear that someone is reading what I write! We are still planning on heading to New Zealand so plan to visit!!

  43. Mike Breda

    Hi Paula, just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we have been religiously following your blog since the day you guys left Beaufort but it took me this long to figure out that I can actually send you a message through the site. We are really enjoying it! It looks like you guys are probably just arriving in Columbia as I write this. We’re looking forward to hearing how the passage went! Be safe and will see you somewhere in the world!

  44. Klaus and Janice / Times Two Dock F13 RBM

    Hope Do Over and her crew have a pleasant first day at sea. Afternoon showers in Lucia but I wouldn’t think it be a bother out there. I’m sure you will settle into routine quickly and let the boat settle into her own pace. Remind Dan that his experience on E2C gives him great experience, knowing the check lists and planning, but also the where-to-all to act when the s..t hits the fan. Janice and I admire those on the fleet today, it is a dream for some, an obsession for others and a great adventure for all. Good winds, smart decisions, go with what works, and respect the sea.

  45. Paula Post author

    I’m so glad you guys traveled so much when you were kids, Lisa! I would hate it if Dan wouldn’t travel with me! And he did tell me about the scooters since we rented them on Les Saintes with the kids. All your stories are too funny!

  46. Paula Post author

    It hasn’t been too bad, actually. Sometimes you get there and it is closed early (it can be worse than bankers’ hours), but it is generally just 15 minutes of paperwork. You only have to clear out of some countries, but it is hard to know which ones! The French countries have kiosks to check in which makes it easier and quicker, and they require no money. Other countries charge a fairly low fee (maybe $5-$20 US). The Bahamas ($320 US) is ridiculous, although if you want to cruise there for a very long time, then it is worth it. You get a year. We leave for Santa Marta, Colombia in two days! It is hard to believe it is already time to go.

  47. Tim Thompson

    Hi guys. Glad to see you finally made it to St Lucia. I have been there and it’s a beautiful island. So how much hassle has it been checking in and out of the islands you have visited? Looking forward to reading about the next leg of your adventure.

  48. Lisa

    Ya’ll are hilarious. Ask my brother about the time in cozumel when we rode around on scooters trying to find The chapel restaurant but kept asking for directions to the church. We would stop and ask directions and they kept sending us to a church and I thought everyone was just being mean to the American kids. My brother comes from a long line of goof balls. Then there was the time we piled 4 people two per scooter and all my luggage and dive equipment to race me to the airport and the bell men outside the hotel were betting if we would crash before we lefted the parking lot. No lie.Dan drove he and I and did a fine job at keeping us from the pavement.:)

  49. Paula Post author

    Thanks Mary Lou! Congratulations on your grandson! He is so adorable…Tell Brad I said Congrats as well!

  50. Mary Lou destefano

    Have really enjoy reading your adventure. This is my night time reading. Enjoy and say safe.

  51. Paula Post author

    Thanks Allan! It’s great to hear from you. Wish us fair winds and following seas…there sure are a lot of catamarans out here in the Bahamas…

  52. Paula Post author

    Hi Margo!

    It’s good to hear from you! Please do follow us. Maybe you can come visit us in New Zealand! 😉

  53. Paula Post author

    Hi Tim! Dan and I intended to get an email to you prior to departure. THANK YOU so much for the gift certificate. That was SO nice of you. I hope you are doing well and please keep in touch during our trip! Maybe we can meet up in the islands when you’re heading out and we’re heading in!

  54. Tim Thompson

    Hi Paula and Dan. I’m following your trip every day since I hope to be heading down the same nautical path in a year or two. Glad to hear you got to a safe spot for the blow.

  55. Margo

    What you are doing is so fantastic. What an unbelievable experience for your children. I am very impressed that you are doing this especially because you are prone to seasickness.
    I wish you the best and look forward to following your blog.

  56. Paula Post author

    Ashey, Ari is getting your email but doesn’t check often. Can’t at sea. She misses you! Will email again in next port…

  57. "Cap'n" Morgan Miller

    Awesome update. Perhaps we will cross paths somewhere out there, in the near future. That would be most excellent.

  58. Allan Campo

    You guys are awesome! Hope you are settling in to your first night at sea! Wish you the best and will follow you regularly!

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