Bora Bora, the End of French Polynesia for Us

We spent about a week in Bora Bora, and this was to be our last Society Island. The bay in Bora Bora is beautiful, but the focus on the island is the many (very expensive) resorts that dapple the motus surrounding the main island. The highlight of our time on Bora Bora was the traditional Heiva that happened to be taking place while we were there.   It is mostly a locals’ event (which we enjoy much more than touristy entertainment) where each village puts on a performance with dancing and singing in traditional Polynesian clothing. The night we went, it poured rain a few times, so we only had the opportunity to see just a portion of the entertainment. They also had a tented area with gambling (oh, THAT was an interesting sight!), cotton candy, etc. We met Mark and Eileen on Wavelength while we were there, but because of the weather, we only stayed out for a few hours.

Gambling at the Heiva



We motored to the far south of Bora Bora on the inside of the motus. On our way, we snorkeled and at the end of the bay we were close to a place called “Motu Fun” which was someone’s house on the waterfront with lots of lounge chairs and shade. The owner had several cats and one large dog and welcomed guests, selling only Hinano Beer and soft drinks.

Motu “Fun”


Kitty “Kiri Kiri” and Dog “Rambo”


Inside the Bora Bora Fringing Reef


Other than a date night dinner at the Mai Kai Restaurant, and a game night with Paw Paw when they finally arrived, our time on Bora Bora was not all that exciting. The snorkeling wasn’t nearly as good as some of the other islands, and there did not seem to be all that much we wanted to do there. Despite the fact there were mountains, hiking was a difficult endeavor, and there just didn’t seem to be many trails available for people like us without a car.

Date Night at Mai Kai


Game Night with Roy and Elaine on Do Over


Interestingly, we had to clear out of French Polynesia before we actually left. They really are sticklers about the 90-day maximum. We were ready to leave French Polynesia anyway. It was time.

Natural Beauty:  Rainbow and Gorgeous Sunset



If I were to put the Society Islands in order of which ones I liked best, it would be: Moorea, Huahine, Tahiti, Tahaa, and Bora Bora. Moorea was wonderful and surpassed the others in my mind by a football field.