Our fish Lucky is still with us…

If you read our post about our “stowaway” from the Galapagos (a small reef Blenny that was stuck in our engine filter 100 miles offshore who would have died if we had put him back in the ocean so far offshore), you may have wondered if we released him back into the wild yet.  Well, Lucky Lenny the Blenny is still happily living with us, eating shrimp fish food, and flake fish food.  We have been taking care of this negatively buoyant little fish since the beginning of March and have grown quite attached to him.  We plan to release him back into the wild in the beautiful Fiji reef before we sail to New Zealand.  (You cannot take any pets into New Zealand and I don’t want the officials to hurt our little buddy.)  So, every day when we leave our boat to go to land, we put his tank underneath our outside table and block the sun’s ability to warm his water by strategically placing our outdoor pillows near him.  (If we left him inside the closed-up boat, his tank would get too hot.)

Can you tell our whole family misses having pets?  We keep talking about how we are going to get two cats, a dog, and possibly some chickens when we return to the States…and every island dog and cat we come across has to deal with our petting and attention (and sometimes food handouts!).

Currently, we are in Moorea, French Polynesia but we are headed to Huahine, French Polynesia tomorrow evening.  We will update the blog with Tahiti and Moorea soon!