Sorry for no new post!

We have had terrible Internet here in the Galapagos and we leave in about an hour. I will provide much more detail in our next port, but we passed through the Panama Canal without incident, went to the Perlas Islands, Panama, sailed for 5 nights to the Galapagos, saw San Cristobal, Isabela and Santa Cruz Islands of the Galapagos, and now we leave for a three week passage to Hiva Oa, French Polynesia.
Highlights: we saw marine iguanas, penguins, sharks, blue footed boobies, red footed boobies, the magnificent frigate bird, tortoises, turtles, rays, etc. The wildlife in the Galapagos was fantastic but it is rather bureaucratic here. The kids took a surfing lesson and really enjoyed it.

The ARC kids made a movie which will be shown in French Polynesia, and we ended up coming in first in the multihull category from Colombia to the San Blas Islands (but we blew out our Genniker sail and had to have it fixed for $580; it was a rough passage), and second on our leg from Las Perlas to the Galapagos (despite a lot of motoring). I guess a lot of catamarans motored! We ended up with a bottle of rum and some Galapagos coasters as our prizes.

We are well stocked for the passage so hopefully it will go smoothly. We will update you when we get there!