Planks and Wind

Ever tried a side plank on a boat?

 I am not convinced “walking the plank” is any more difficult than doing a side plank on a moving sailboat. Yesterday, I worked out for a little while (and Ari joined in for part of it). We have these resistance bands that I used while standing watch, and then I decided to do abs, some pilates and some planks. (Melanie, Karen, and Lisa, see, I haven’t given it up completely!) Regular planks are pretty easy on a boat. Well, I mean, planks are never easy but they’re not that much more difficult on a catamaran. But can you imagine a side plank? I tried it; it lasted about 8 seconds. You have to be a Yogi balance master to pull that off! I finished out my workout with aerobic dancing, squats, and “jumping rope” to Flo-Rida, all in about a 2X4 space. Good times. It made me realize I need to update our musical selection when we get to the BVIs. I need more 90s alternative and, believe it or not, current hip hop for working out. Otherwise, I am going to keep singing “apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur…she had the whole world lookin’ at her…” Don’t knock it. It IS a great song for squats!

I lied earlier. It IS hard to do a regular plank on a sailboat when it is rough.

The wind is back!

We have been motoring since we left the Bahamas to head east (day 4). We knew this would be the case based on Chris Parker’s report, but we had no choice but to motor until we hit the trade winds and could head south. It is our fourth night on this leg, and tonight, we have wind! So very exciting. Right now, at 3 a.m., I have 11 knots of True wind and I am heading East/Southeast. We are doing 7.4 knots and I don’t have to listen to either of the diesel engines running (the engines that Dan affectionately named Jake and Trina after his two favorite pet dogs). All I hear is the wind and the flowing water passing under us on our stern. It is pretty peaceful even if I am rocking back and forth a bit. Oh, and did I mention it is very, very, very dark? There is no moon tonight, no stars, and fortunately, no ships so far either. Space Mountain once again…

By night 5, the seas were rough and the wind was stronger. We were upwind the whole time. I had a bit of seasickness those days, but after seven nights, we made it to Virgin Gorda. Just in time. I didn’t lose my sanity just yet…