Only five more days!

This will be a short post, just to make sure I know what I am doing on this blog.

We are still planning to leave in only 5 days.  It is amazing how much we still have to accomplish to sever ties from land for two and a half years.  Today, I agreed on a new name for our boat.  Well, we are not changing the name Do Over but we are going to put the name on each side of our bow–and we are changing our hailing port to Pensacola, FL where she is registered.  We are also having frames made for our windows since we scraped off  the shade paint they had on them and polished them to clear.  Now we have clear windows but they need a frame.  I will post photos as soon as the new name is on.

Btw, we did not name Do Over.  The original owner of the boat did and we kept the name because it is apropos.  We are starting a second chapter in our lives for a while.  That is the reason for the computer symbol you will see on the boat name when we post it.  Ryan came up with it, and it is the “undo” symbol on the computer (so we can do it over!).